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U.K.G.I Philosophy

Honesty and Integrity.
We undertake a thorough and transparent investigation process Utilising:

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Dedicated Team

Our investigative team only wish to seek the truth. Before we confirm any paranormal activity we attempt to seek any scientific reasoning for the events. Each investigation is made up of hand picked specialists tailored to the location and historical reportings.

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Modern Tech

We back up our teams findings with the latest in investigative technology, from HD cameras to studio quality audio recorders. Utilising the latest in temperature and environmental monitoring to provide a thorough and detailed report.

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Respected Mediums

Heidi Smallwood is a well respected medium throughout the United Kingdom. The original founder of the UKGI team has repeatedly proven in several blind tests an ability which is tough to match or question, her experience is core to the UKGI philosophy.

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Investigation Framework

We follow a tried and tested investigation routine in a controlled environment to ensure our results are as pure as possible. Team and process tracking is recorded at every stage and we utilise solo and team sessions as well as mixed human experience and tech investigations.


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